Great Caesar’s Ghost has been your first, premium, #1 news leader for over 112 years. We published our first issue in 1898, when a local Irishman reported seeing the ghost of Julius Caesar in an alley in Chinatown and put the tale into print. The story was later recanted, but a legend in publishing was born. It just took us a few more weeks to save the money to pay for paper and ink, and later our delivery boys.

Today, with our grand tradition of a daily printed paper now abolished, we bring you the news the way it was meant to be read back in 1898: Online. Had there been some way to do this back then, Great Caesar’s Ghost would have been at the forefront of that innovation as well. The closest we came was pneumatic delivery tubes. Until today.

Our Board of Directors was aware of the internet, but unsure how to use it. That is, until one of them noticed his granddaughter “blogging” on something called WordPress. After attempts to buy out WordPress failed, GCG tasked one of its interns with creating this site, thereby eliminating hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary each year. (That talented intern graduated with a journalism degree from Syracuse University in 2011, and is still interning with us today.)

If you have news to report, weather to complain about, or compliments to deliver, please email us at greatcaesarsghostblog@gmail.com. (We just switched over from Lycos!)


The Editors


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