Poll Finds Anti-Clinton Bias Among Voters Simply Because She A Clinton

(NEW YORK) A new New York Times/CBS News poll of 4,340 Americans shows a serious mistrust in, and unwillingness to vote for, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, it was reported late Wednesday. The poll’s surprising results demonstrated that a majority (67%) of voters lack trust in Mrs. Clinton for the simple fact that, unlike the other remaining candidates, she is a Clinton.

“What this research shows is there are still deep-seated biases in the psyche of the American voter,” pollster Justin Clarey told Great Caesar’s Ghost. “Try as they might, many voters simply cannot picture this woman as the leader of the free world, and the most common reason cited was her status as a Clinton.”

The bias ran deeper among likely Republican voters, 84% of whom said “no” when asked if they would ever vote for a Clinton. Nevertheless, within her own party, a whopping 52% were still unwilling to vote for a Clinton in this election.

“It’s sad, in this day and age, that people haven’t gotten past their prejudices,” noted activist Gloria Steinem opined. “This kind of stone-age mentality should have been abandoned 17 or 18 years ago. That Hillary is a Clinton – by marriage, mind you – is the least interesting facet of her persona. This is a woman who was Secretary of State, senator, First Lady. She is prepared to be the next Commander-in-Chief. Her name shouldn’t be a handicap.”

Voters, however, were not so quick to agree. Terry Cox, 44, of Albany, NY, told Great Caesar’s Ghost that he felt Clintons had been “given their chance, and failed.”

“We’ve been down this road before, and we know now, that Clintons simply do not have the capacity to govern,” Cox said. “They’re constantly bungling, obfuscating, and prevaricating. Whether it’s land deals, blow jobs, regime changes, or just plain phoniness, it’s obviously a trait of the American Clinton that he – or she – is unfit for high office.”

In spite of voter prejudice, an inside investigation by Great Caesar’s Ghost into political fundraising recently showed that Clintons tend to receive campaign funding at a rate of roughly 177% of non-Clinton candidates.


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