Poll: Candidate Americans Don’t Know Well Enough To Hate Viewed Favorably

(NEW YORK) According to a recent Gallup poll, Ohio Governor John Kasich is viewed favorably by 64% of Americans voters, owing mostly to the fact that American voters haven’t learned enough about the presidential candidate to truly hate him.

Kasich, who trails both Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz in the race for the Republican nomination, “simply isn’t enough of a household name right now” to be truly abhorred, according to pollster Peter Rottiere. “Voters, including even some Democrats, look at this guy and say, ‘he seems intelligent, measured, and fair.’ That’s because the media simply haven’t peeled back the layers of the onion yet. Kasich is in that sweet spot where people actually like him.”

Polls have also shown Kasich beating potential Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by 6.5 points, most likely again because as an unknown, voters simply haven’t been given enough information about him or his decisions to find him as despicable as Clinton, Trump, or Cruz.

“Over the coming weeks, America will learn John Kasich’s story,” Rottiere explained. “That’s when they’ll really become disgusted and repulsed. Right now he’s just a nice guy with a message. Give it time.

“Certainly he’s despised by some Ohioans,” Rottiere went on. “They’ve known him as a congressman and governor for 20 odd years. But to get ahead in national politics, you’ve really got to become the object of sheer hatred. Lincoln had it. Reagan had it. Clinton sure had it. With a little bit of momentum and some more press, Kasich could become so reviled that he wins the whole damned thing.”


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