Copyright Lawyer’s Screenwriting Skills Endorsed On LinkedIn For Some Reason

(CLEVELAND) Maxwell Witte, a Cleveland-area copyright attorney, admitted Wednesday to being “confused” as to why he was endorsed by a colleague on LinkedIn for screenwriting, a skill set Witte admits he does not nor has ever possessed.

“I logged in to look up an old co-worker, and I saw a message saying I’d been ‘endorsed’ as a screenwriter. That struck me as odd, since I’ve been working in copyright law almost my entire adult life since law school. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a screenplay.”

The endorsement, which had taken place earlier in the month, came courtesy of Joe Carpenter. That Carpenter was another lawyer, and an acquaintance of Witte at best, only added to the confusion.

“I think I met Joe at a conference or networking party of some kind. It was at the Houlihan’s adjacent to the Shaker Heights Best Western. This was probably a year ago. He seemed like a nice guy, but I don’t really know him. We both did undergrad at Miami [University of Ohio] and chatted about that.”

Witte, a copyright lawyer who has never used Final Draft.
Witte, a copyright lawyer who has never used Final Draft.

Added Witte, “I certainly didn’t know he was into screenwriting, or that he got the same impression about me, for that matter.”

Witte went on to explain just how far removed he was from the liberal art of writing for cinema or television. “I haven’t been to a movie theater since I saw Man Of Steel [in 2013]. I have a Netflix account I barely use. Generally if I flip on the TV, it’s background noise…SportsCenter or the news. I get in a movie here or there.

“I have no idea, none at all, what goes into screenwriting. If you told me to write a screenplay, it would be terrible. I’m a copyright lawyer. End of story. I also know bass fishing, how to cook, and I once restored a 1956 Dodge. That’s me in a nutshell. David Mamet I am not.”

Reached for comment, Carpenter told reporters he didn’t know for sure if Witte had screenwriting skills. “I endorsed him hoping to be reciprocated,” he explained. Carpenter added that he had just been endorsed on LinkedIn by a former boss, “for my Russian fluency. I don’t speak a lick of Russian.”


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