Report: Handsome TV Man Lied To Us

(NEW YORK) The handsome TV man lied to us, it has been determined by the people in the TV.

According to sources at the place where they make television, the handsome man who is on the TV screen told stories on the TV that weren’t true. That was bad since his job was to tell stories on the TV that are true.

As a result, the TV people have told the handsome man he cannot be on TV for six months. That will be difficult for the handsome man, because he makes money from being on TV. The TV people where the handsome man works will find someone else to tell true stories on the screen, probably another handsome man or maybe even a pretty lady.

According to the people who know everything about TV and people, this was a very bad instance of a famous handsome man lying on the TV. Todd Severson, an ugly man who teaches a course on TV and people in the buildings where grown ups go to school, said he believes this as bad as the time the charming man in charge of everything lied on the TV about putting his penis in the woman’s mouth.


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