GCG Staff Back From Club Hedonism, Resumes Production

The Public Relations department of our fine news site.

 (NEW YORK) The staff of Great Caesar’s Ghost has returned from its extended company retreat at Club Hedonism in South Florida, and has resumed production of its industry-leading news site. We thank you for your patience.

GCG management had determined that, after high levels of tension and multiple incidents of infighting, its staff needed to loosen its collar, kick up its feet, and let off some steam.

And boy, did we let off some steam.

News reporting is stressful, high-stakes business. It’s easy to lose sight of what really matters in life. Like the life-giving energy of the sun, the timelessness of the grains of sand on a beach. And the earthly pleasures of the flesh. Sinful, delicious pleasures.

In order to recharge our batteries and get back into Pulitzer Prize-mentioning form, we knew a vacation was in order. Frankly, we recommend our readers do the same from time to time if they have the means. It was awesome.

We had a good time, sure, but we learned a lot, too. We learned that although the news is 24/7, tuning out can be just as important as tuning in. We learned that mind, body, and soul need to be nurtured and fed. And we learned that Eric, our Assistant to the Vice President of Business Affairs, is pretty well-endowed. Hat tip to you, Eric, and congrats on the promotion.

Now it’s back to business as usual. The presses are rolling, the typewriters are clickety-clacking, and the phones are ringing. And Jessica from Accounting’s thong is showing.

a;ldkfajdla;kdlkadalslaksdjfa; agggggghhhh brb

– Mort Ketelboeter, President


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