Divorce Lawyers Hail Supreme Court’s Decision On Gay Marriage

Divorce lawyers at PJ O'Grady's Pub in Washington celebrate the Supreme Court's decision on same-sex marriage.
Divorce lawyers at PJ O’Grady’s Pub in Washington celebrate the Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage.

(WASHINGTON) Calling the ruling “an historic moment for same-sex marriages and divorces,” divorce attorneys in the nation’s capital and across the country celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the federal Defense of Marriage Act yesterday.

“We applaud the high court’s judgment on what we feel was an outdated statute,” said Jason Lee, president of the American Association of Attorneys, in a written statement. “For too long, homosexuals have been excluded from the basic civil right to enter into matrimony, as well as the right to sever that bond and bleed their partners dry in a lengthy and exhausting divorce trial.”

Lee added, “This is a great day for civil rights in America.”

The 5-4 decision effectively leaves in place laws allowing same-sex marriage in those states that permit it, and opens a path in other states to pass similar legislation. As Andrew Sattler, a divorce attorney based in Chevy Chase, MD, put it, “it goes without saying that same-sex divorce will be a big part of the equation.”

“With the divorce rate among traditional couples at an all time high, we believe the same pattern will emerge among homosexuals,” Sattler continued. “Not all marriages work out in the end, fortunately. I mean unfortunately.”

Sattler also remarked that he hoped the ruling would place America on a dangerous slippery slope of marriage and divorce rights, wherein adults and minors, people and animals, and other unthinkable examples of couples can marry and divorce with impunity.


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