A Special Thanks To GCG Employees In The Wake Of The Storm



We, the management at Great Caesar’s Ghost, would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the thousands of men and women who work hard for us day in and day out, and who braved Hurricane Sandy this week in order to make certain that our site remained up and running.

We believe the news, and its revenue-generating advertising, never takes a break, especially during a major event such as Sandy. Therefore we are thankful for those of you who waded through three feet of water, dodged loose electrical wires, walked under the shadow of a crane dangling precipitously from atop a skyscraper, or just plain swam to your jobs this week. You are truly the backbone of this organization. Here are just a few of the many ways you proved it:

  • When the lobby of our building flooded, you stayed with us on the 39th floor. For three days and counting.
  • When several windows blew out and shattered glass was scattered about, you duct taped plastic over the holes.
  • When the power went out, you used your smartphones and tablets instead of company equipment.
  • When it was reported that your direct deposits would not go through this week, you accepted it.
  • When several executives, looking to find safer enviorons, went to the the rooftop to take the company helicopter, you held the doors and shined flashlights in the stairwell for them.
  • When the building was ordered to be evacuated, you followed orders and remained silent and hidden, so as not to be detected by the fire department.

The list goes on, but the greater point is that we at Great Caesar’s Ghost recognize that we have the greatest, most loyal staff in news today. Without you, we would not have been able to have an excuse to stay at the office and avoid our families during this difficult time. That is why we are approving a 35-cent-per-hour wage increase across the board for those of you who showed such courage by coming to work.

For those who didn’t, you’re fired.


One thought on “A Special Thanks To GCG Employees In The Wake Of The Storm

  1. Coming here to check new articles ( even though i “follow” while yet never once have i gotten an update via email)
    i’m always assured a good chuckle. Thank you
    Very funny 😉

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