New TV Series To Take Place In New York City

Manhattan Island’s Residents ‘Ecstatic, Starstruck’ Over Newfound Attention

The cast of NBC’s “Kidults,” a new sitcom whose setting is none other than New York City.

(NEW YORK) NBC announced today that an upcoming sitcom slated for Fall 2013 will take place in right here in New York City, specifically on the tiny island of Manhattan.

“Kidults,” a traditional sitcom about a group of young, post-college adults finding their way in the Big Apple, will premiere “sometime during February sweeps,” according to NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke. She added, “This show will be about the struggles of some vibrant characters, but we also aim to make it about the setting, which is New York City. NBC is eager to shine a light on this great American city as a backdrop for what will be a terrific and hilarious show.”

A press release expanding on the news explained that the ten multi-ethnic young characters will live in apartments in the East Village, where they will frequent trendy cafes, encounter wily neighbors, and struggle to make ends meet. There will be at least one love triangle established in the first episode; one character will work on Wall Street; one will be an actress still finding her way; two characters will be gay; and one character will have a very funny Indian accent.

Midtown Manhattan ID: 010327-30
Midtown Manhttan, a view that will soon become familiar to NBC viewers.

Upon release of the news, Manhattanites were excited about the eyes of the world focusing on their little enclave. “That’s really cool,” said attorney Elizabeth Schweitzer, 34. “So they’re going to live right here and do things like go to the Met and eat at the local Dunkin’ Donuts? I can’t wait to see the references they make on the show. I bet they get in a few zingers about Bloomberg.”

Mathu Subramanian, 41, an organic grocer who lives in SoHo, was equally fascinated. “Wow, a show that takes place right here – that’s so glamorous! I wonder if they’ll mention the Yankees at all? I’ll bet they have some inside jokes about the potholes in the streets, and about how dirty it is here sometimes. Just a little wink and nod to the locals, you know?”

NBC acknowledged that the decision to place the show in New York was due mostly to the fact that its creator and head writer, Joshua Paley, grew up there. “Josh wrote the pilot, based on his experiences living downtown after graduating from NYU,” Salke said. “This show comes from a real place, and many of the stories will be drawn straight from Josh’s life here. We think New Yorkers young and old will really enjoy and identify with ‘Kidults.'”

“Kidults” is produced by Warner Brothers television, and will be filmed in front of a live audience at the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank, California.


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