Tax Returns Reveal Romney’s Legal Name Is ‘RomneyCorp’

(WASHINGTON) Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s recently-released 2011 tax returns have revealed to the public his legal name is actually “RomneyCorp,” it was discovered Tuesday.

“That is simply his name for tax purposes and other legal documents,” Romney spokesman Ethan Romero told reporters. “Day to day, our nominee prefers to go by Mitt, or Governor Romney, if you choose to be formal.”

It is not certain exactly when the name change came about, as Romney’s birth certificate shows his full name as Willard Mitt Romney. Romero was only able to speculate.

“When exactly Mitt decided this would be a more prudent shift – again for tax purposes – I’m not sure. It’s not an issue as far as we’re concerned. RomneyCorp is simply a tax-filing name covering a consortium of various businesses, money ventures, and non-profits under Mr. Romney’s purview. That’s all.”

RomneyCorp stock is currently up 15% since the story broke.


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