Obama Tells Jobless Americans ‘There’s More Work To Do’


(CLEVELAND) Explaining that “the job isn’t finished,” President Obama on Wednesday informed Americans, many of whom are jobless, that “there’s more work to do,” and that “together we’ll roll up our sleeves and get the job done.”

Echoing the sentiments expressed last week at the Democratic National Convention, Obama told voters that his administration needed another term so that everyone could keep working on whatever work apparently is out there but not currently being done by more than 8% of eligible workers.

“I know these past four years haven’t been perfect,” Obama intoned. “But we’ve been steadily improving. We can’t go backward now. It’s time to keep pushing forward and working hard toward the goals we set.”

Jason Reed, 44, an unemployed machinist, was present at the speech along Cleveland’s waterfront. “Well, I’m glad to hear there’s work to be done,” Reed told reporters. “So…when can we start doing it?”

Others in attendance were similarly excited but confused. “The President just told us all that he’s going to find us some work,” said Molly Boykoff, 39 and also unemployed. “Thank God. Is he sending out a jobs list or something? I’m on his Twitter but I haven’t seen any specific updates. I hope he’s got some paralegal stuff.”

Derek Histed, 29, of nearby Akron, was more skeptical. “I don’t think he has any actual jobs up his sleeve,” Histed said. “Maybe he’s saying he’ll hire a bunch of us if we reelect him. If so, that’s pretty lame. If he knows about work, he should let us know now. I’m not exactly living the high life, eating Top Ramen every night for dinner here.”

The Romney campaign pounced all over Obama’s speech. In a statement issued shortly after, the campaign said, “We find it tragic that the President is taunting Americans with jobs that don’t exist, because he hasn’t produced them. If he has jobs, he should show them to us, so Governor Romney can  streamline the workforce and find more efficiently-paid workers to improve this country’s bottom line.”


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