Poll: Majority Of Americans Would Rather Have A Smoke With Obama Than Romney

(WASHINGTON, DC) A new Gallup poll released this week shows that, between the two major party presidential candidates, a majority of Americans would prefer to share a smoke with President Obama than Mitt Romney.

According to the poll, 68% of respondents replied that they would “much more prefer” to enjoy a cigarette with the President, rather than his Republican opponent. Only 19% responded that they would prefer sharing such a moment with Romney, the former Massachusetts governor and presumptive GOP nominee. The lead widens among blacks and Hispanics.

Eight percent were undecided, and another 3% opted for Representative Ron Paul. Ralph Nader rounded out the poll at 2%.

“This poll is obviously not a referendum on the President or Governor Romney, but an indicator of likeability,” said Gallup spokeswoman Jamie Vitense. “Having a cigarette with someone is a bonding moment, a moment of relaxation and reflection. On that metric alone, Obama enjoys a comfortable lead.”

The poll may have been skewed, Vitense admits, by the fact that fewer than one in five Americans currently smokes. Additionally, many respondents may have chosen Obama simply because Romney, who is Mormon, does not smoke or drink alcohol. Obama has admitted to being a casual smoker but claims he quit last year.

Responding to the poll, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney stated that this is “yet another example of the President’s popularity, and of Governor Romney’s failure to connect with the American people on any level.”

“Mitt Romney has shown time and again that he is out of touch with the voting public,” Carney announced. “Today the people have delivered a verdict that Mr. Romney isn’t even cool enough to have a quick smoke break with. Nobody wants to be seen smoking with a man who spent his career laying off Americans, sending jobs overseas, and hiding his tax returns.”

In a similar poll between the vice presidential candidates, Vice President Joe Biden walloped Rep. Paul Ryan, 87% to 8%. A majority of candidates (64%) did say, however, that they would prefer to go to the gym with Ryan.

In a related poll, Gallup announced that a whopping 94% of people would not want to accompany Missouri Representative and Senate candidate Todd Akin to a strip club or brothel.


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