GCG Corrections: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Not Romney’s Pick For VP

Great Caesar’s Ghost would like to correct its weekend exclusive that actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be chosen as the running mate for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin was selected. Great Caesar’s Ghost regrets the error.

At this newspaper, we strive for accuracy. Our reporters cross-checked claims from multiple sources close to the Republican presidential campaign that Gordon-Levitt, currently starring in The Dark Knight Rises, was to be the vice presidential candidate. We published the story confident that the information we had was correct.

Although the talented yet approachable young star of Premium Rush (in theaters August 24) will not, as we thought, be debating Vice President Joseph Biden this fall, rest assured that this newspaper will never sacrifice truth for the sake of bragging rights or sales. Our aim is to serve our readers admirably and with integrity, just as Gordon-Levitt served audiences with his earnest performances in such films as (500) Days Of Summer and 50/50.

As a cover story on Gordon-Levitt was planned for this week’s GCG Sunday Magazine, the magazine will instead not be published on August 19. A full profile on Representative Ryan will appear in the August 26 edition.

– The Editors


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