RadioShack Jumps Into Tablet Market By Purchasing Tablet

(Fort Worth, TX) RadioShack Corporation is the latest company to jump into the red-hot tablet market, as it announced Thursday it has purchased a tablet and is figuring out how it works.

“This is pretty cool,” President and CEO Jim Gooch told reporters as he played around with the Acer Iconia tablet. Gooch had sent an intern to Best Buy the night before to purchase the tablet. “So I can connect to the internet with this thing? It’s like a big iPhone, I guess. Or a small computer.”

With the help of his intern, Gooch then downloaded the latest issue of Golf Digest. “This is incredible. And you can take this anywhere. I can’t wait to put some photos of my grandkids on this thing.”

Gooch told the press that he would pass the tablet around at the next meeting among regional managers, so that they too could experiment with the $300 machine and come up with some hip new ideas for RadioShack stores.

“Maybe we can develop some games, like one for remote-controlled cars, or one for strobe lights or karaoke machines,” said Gooch. “One of my regional managers already told me an idea he had for an app that can tell you what kind of coaxial cable you need, what length, and where the nearest RadioShack store is that has it in stock. So that should be pretty useful.”

He added that he’s already had several requests from subordinates to borrow the tablet for the weekend. “We may have to buy a few more and come up with a check-out policy,” he said.

Gooch also told reporters that RadioShack stores would look to get into the Mp3 player market within the next 2-3 years.


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