Jeff Van Gundy LeBron James, Jeff Van Gundy Takes That Shot, Jeff Van Gundy Says

(Oklahoma City) Jeff Van Gundy is LeBron James, Jeff Van Gundy takes that shot, ABC NBA analyst and color commentator Jeff Van Gundy said during a broadcast of Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Thursday.

“I know LeBron is trying to be selfless and a good teammate and distribute the ball,” Van Gundy explained to the national television audience. “But he’s wide open from 15 feet. Let me tell you, I’m LeBron, I take that. I’m wide open and the shot clock is at three? No question. I take that shot.”

Van Gundy later added that he’s Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, he keeps Shane Battier in the game. “Battier’s hot from downtown,” said Van Gundy. “I’m the coach, I keep him in.” He continued that thought by stating, “I’m the Miami Heat, I go with the hot hand right now. That’s Battier.”

In the fourth quarter, Van Gundy also noted that he wasn’t so sure that ball didn’t go off the arm of an Oklahoma City Thunder player before going out of bounds.

After the game, a 100-96 Heat victory, Van Gundy stopped by a Subway sandwich shop and informed the woman behind the counter, “I’m Selena Jackson, I make Jeff Van Gundy a Cold Cut Combo with mayonnaise.”


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