Bo Jackson, 3 Others Will Join Tecmo Super Bowl Hall of Fame

Los Angeles Raiders running back Bo Jackson celebrates after his third 100-yard touchdown run in a game against the Denver Broncos.

(Osaka, Japan) – The Tecmo Superbowl Hall of Fame Class of 2012 has been announced.

This year’s inductees are: Los Angeles Raiders running back Bo Jackson, Green Bay Packers nose tackle Bob Nelson, Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Stephone Paige, and Buffalo Bills quarterback Q.B. Bills.

Bo Jackson was part of an unstoppable backfield in Los Angeles that included fellow Hall of Famer Marcus Allen. Jackson is the Tecmo NFL’s all time leading rusher with 27,434 yards. In 1991, the same year he led the Raiders to the championship, he gained 2,432 yards on 312 carries. That season he scored 30 touchdowns and had 15 runs of 80 yards or longer, all touchdowns.

Bob Nelson played 11 seasons in the Tecmo NFL and won 3 Tecmo Super Bowls with the Packers. His best season was in 1991, when he recorded a whopping 82 quarterback sacks. Offensive lineman could never find a way to effectively block the ferocious defender. “He would just zoom around you,” said tackle Jumpy Geathers of the Atlanta Falcons. “It was like he got to the quarterback before the ball was snapped!” Nelson’s 82-sack season is a record, as is his 12-sack game against the Los Angeles Rams.

Stephone Paige only caught 356 passes in his career, but it was his yardage that confounded opponents.  His lifetime average per catch was 52.6 yards, putting him well ahead of the competition. For every three catches he pulled in, one was a touchdown. He helped the Chiefs win it all in 1991, catching 27 passes for 1,894 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Q.B. Bills was one of the league’s most prolific passers, throwing for over 78,000 yards in his career. His single season passer rating of 243.7 shattered the record of 106 previously held by Joe Montana. In 1991, when the Bills won it all, Q.B. Bills threw for 62 touchdown passes and only 7 interceptions. Many of those passes were simple swing passes to his fellow Hall-of-Famer, running back Thurman Thomas. It was the Bills’ signature play, with Thomas in the flats, a receiver slanting over the middle, and a flanker going deep. Q.B. Bills and his teammates ran it to perfection.

Thomas, who will deliver Bills’ induction speech at the ceremony this summer, said of Bills: “He was always upbeat.  He had that trademark celebration when we scored, where he would punch his fist through the air after throwing a touchdown. Even if we were down by 20 in the fourth quarter and we scored on the last play, he would throw that victory punch. Then he’d run over and lift me up while I pointed my finger in the air. That was our thing.”

Unfortunately, some players that were nominated could not be inducted this year, but will be on the list again for next year. They include 49ers kicker Mike Cofer, who made 99 of 99 extra point attempts in 1991 and also connected on 10 of 10 field goals; Eagles quarterback Q.B. Eagles, who rushed for 1,700 yards in 1991, most by a quarterback; and Packers defensive back Mark Murphy, who had an NFL single season record 2 interceptions in 1991.


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