Obama Hails Unmanned Drones For Seeing “A World Without Borders”

(Washington) President Obama defended the unmanned drone program Tuesday morning, telling reporters that the anti-terror aircraft “see our planet as we all should see it, a world without borders.”

“I wish every man, woman, and child on Earth could be a drone for a day,” the President waxed wistfully of the program responsible for at least 90 deaths this year. “Then they could fly higher than even the highest-flying airliner, and look down on this great planet without seeing the political borders that divide land inconveniently into nations.”

Obama said that, unlike humans, drones are “politically colorblind. They see the world as God meant it to be seen: United, one people unencumbered by ideological or cultural differences.”

“An unmanned aerial drone does not discriminate,” he went on about the weaponry used to assassinate an American citizen under his direct orders last year. “It doesn’t see Pakistanis, Yemenis, or Canadians. It only sees people. At the end of the day, we’re all the same.”

As a result of his moving words and commitment to a world without borders, the Nobel Prize committee announced it is considering President Obama for a second Nobel Peace Prize.


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