Pandora Keeps Trying To Slip ‘Mambo Number 5’ Past Local Listener

(Norwalk, CT) Local Pandora internet radio listener Andrew First reported that it keeps trying to pass of the Lou Bega song “Mambo Number 5” as something he might like, he told reporters Sunday.

“No matter how many times I thumbs down or skip this shit, it keeps coming back,” First complained of the grating 1999 dance hit. “First it appeared on my 90s station,” First went on. “Okay, that makes sense. There was a lot of crap in the 90s. But just like I do with anything from Smash Mouth, I gave it a thumbs down, expecting not to hear it ever again” on Pandora.

First claims the song turns up like a bad penny, however. “So then it pops up on my ‘Buena Vista Social Club’ station. Come on – that’s a stretch. That shitty song played between Ibrahim Ferrer and Tito Puente? Gimme a break.”

Most incredibly, the song later was played on First’s Aerosmith-themed station. “How does that even happen?” he asked. “Because it came out around the same time as that stupid [Aerosmith] ballad [“Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”]? Or is there some other connection I’m missing here? Maybe he’s recorded with Steven Tyler or something.” The awful but catchy song, First said, has strained his credibility whenever he’s had company or hosted parties, “because people just look at me like, ‘this is ironic, right?’ And then I have to play along. It’s humiliating.”

Continued First, “‘A little bit of Monica in my life / A little bit of Erica’… shoot me now.”

As of press time, First announced he may switch to Spotify, which he has heard about from friends but doesn’t really understand how it works.

Mr. Bega could not be reached for comment.


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